Are you getting enough visitors to your website ?

Contact us for advice. We'll have a quick look at your website and advise on how you can get more visitors.
We always start with the Free and cheapest options.

Getting visitors to your website

We could go on about SEO, SERPs and optimisation techniques, but we think you would rather just have someone have a look at your website and give you some initial feedback.

We may find that the single most effective change to your website is simply the title you have used for each page. Page titles in your website are regarded as very important by search engines such as Google when deciding how important your website is in relation to the search people are making.

Website optimisation is a long term process. Although you will see first results in a matter of weeks, for most websites it requires at least three months to see a real improvement.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Alternatively, if you want instant results then we can provide a pay per click service using Google Adwords (from as little as 4 per day). No setup or maintenance fee. No minimum period. You only pay for each visitor to your website.

We get to understand who you're targeting, then suggest an appropriate Adwords marketing strategy.

Google adwords may not be cost effective for all businesses. We always discuss the pros and cons of using adwords for your business beforehand.

How it works

We will create the advert(s) which link directly to your website.

For local services we can configure adverts to only appear within your catchment area, so you get the most out of your budget. (e.g. 20 miles around postcode E1 4RD)

We will research appropriate keywords and phrases to go with the advert(s)

When searches are done for any of your keywords or phrases, the associated advert will appear on Google's search results. This is known as an impression (No charge is made for the impression). A charge is only made if the user clicks on your advert.

We will set the charge at a level that will make the best use of your daily budget. In most cases we aim for an average position of between 3 and 7 on the first page of Google (we find that although the top 3 positions get more visitors, they are also considerably more expensive. The lower positions on page one will have a better return on your budget)

Our Recent Projects

Website developed and optimised for a London business that provides office plants, garden maintenance and flower displays for events

Business appears on the first page of Google for office plants London or garden maintenance London

What our Customers Say

"I asked Demon Solutions to help my business when my website was getting very few visitors. Their help and explanation on how to make the best use of free directories and keywords on my website has turned my business around"

Mary Younghusband (Heatherbank B&B)

"I want to thank you very much for your work over the last year or so. Since Demon Solutions began work on my website optimisation I have had many more enquiries than ever before in more than 20 years in business. Most of these have led to new work which has more than balanced the losses due to retrenchment"

John Gillespie (Proprietor Heathlands Plantcare)

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